DNS CHECK FAILED on siteground site tools

I am trying to activate Cloudflare on Siteground site tools but it’s showing the error below:

For Cloudflare to work properly, WWW has to be configured as a CNAME that points to the domain’s Cloudflare address. To do this, add the following lines to your DNS zone:

www IN CNAME www.asobuzz.com.cdn.cloudflare.net

cloudflare-resolve-to IN CNAME asobuzz.com

I tried million times to add these lines in the CNAME and deleted the previous ones, checked the extra spaces but nothing works for me.

I am using the free version on asobuzz.com

Please help me Siteground and CloudFlare

Try switching that DNS record to :grey: and give it 5 minutes to take effect before testing again.

Okay let’s wait for that time. I will update you again after 10 min

Issue is still persists and I have observed it for days even

If SiteGround is complaining about a DNS record that’s set to :grey: DNS Only, you’ll have to contact them to find out why it’s triggering an error.

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