DNS Check Failed : Domain name problems


DNS CHECK FAILED : For Cloudflare to work properly, WWW has to be configured as a CNAME that points to the domain’s Cloudflare address. To do this, add the following lines to your DNS zone: www IN CNAME www.hokagecode.com.cdn.Cloudflare.net

WWW REDIRECT CHECK FAILED : For Cloudflare to work properly, all site traffic must go through WWW. For information on how to set up WWW redirect, visit the [Cloudflare Tutorial]

I have linked a Wordpress domain to SiteGround, a third-party webhost. Now I’m attempting to buff SiteGround’s hosting capabilities by linking it to Cloudflare’s CDN. I get the above errors.

In an attempt to solve this problem, I’ve changed the Wordpress domain URL to include 'WWW" as well as Cloudflare’s DNS zone. It now reads http://www.hokagecode.com.cdn.Cloudflare.net. But I still continue to receive both of the above errors.

Anyone have an idea of what might be going wrong? I’m new to this software and am trying to conceptualize how my Wordpress - SiteGround - Cloudflare services talk to each other.

You’re on a partial partner setup with siteground and the errors and suggestions are from them. I’m not sure if we’re going to be able to help you here or if you’re better served asking siteground…

Thank you for the honesty. I’ll reach out to their support team with the same question.

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Just to confirm : in theory is the above URL is properly configured to interact with Cloudflare’s services? That question seems like on the Cloudflare community can answer.

Hello @ngeodiehl
I believe what @cloonan is saying is that you are using a CNAME setup which means that Cloudflare is unable to touch the root domain which is what you have setup. It needs to all go through a subdomain such as www.

+1 to the comment from @Cyb3r-Jak3. As such, I’m guessing based on what siteground has given you, but it seems they are saying ‘in a CNAME record called www, add the value of hokagecode.com.cdn.Cloudflare.net’, but that is just a really uninformed guess. Are you following this guide, https://www.siteground.com/tutorials/Cloudflare/enable/ or do you have link to the docs you’re following? That would help to educate me a bit more :slight_smile:.

Cloonan, the guide at https://www.siteground.com/tutorials/Cloudflare/enable/ has been one of my primary resources. I’m trying to follow, however am confused about the steps I should be taking as well as some of the terminology.

My SiteGround (webhost) account is linked to my Wordpress domain (hokagecode.com). SiteGround offers the ability to add Cloudflare to the site it is hosting, hokagecode.com. However, when I attempt to link Cloudflare to hokagecode.com I receive the errors above.

In response to the error I’ve spent most of my effort trying change my Wordpress domain name to a format that is compatible with Cloudflare. I’ve accessed SiteGround’s database, which holds my Wordpress site information, and have changed hokagecode.com to http://www.hokagecode.com.cdn.Cloudflare.net. I’ve also added the amended site URL to my Wordpress config file and .htaccess file.

Am I missing the problem? Or targeting the wrong problem?

I don’t quite have a full understanding of CNAME…

Originally SiteGround - Wordpress - Cloudflare were linked to hokage.com. This link was successful and is shown on my Cloudflare account page. However, the SiteGround dashboard displays the errors which obviously mean Cloudflare can’t function with my site settings as is

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