DNS changing on its own (email)

My emails was not working so i made the following change:

I change the A record (mail, ezmail, webmail) to DNS and not proxy.

I create MX record and saved it.

The emails started working

Then next day, the emails stopped working. I go check my dns record’s and see MX is not there anymore and A records for mail is back to Proxy.

It always changes every day after i set it back.

Please help why this is happening.

Have you by any chance given a third party like e.g. Ezoic access to your Cloudflare account?

Check the Audit Log page, to figure out who/what is making the changes:



I do have Ezoic …however my audit log shows only me making those changes and no one else.

So im not sure why the emails are always resetting.

What else can i do?

And this is why the records are reset.

This post explains everything


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