DNS changes

I just created a snap of instance in AWS. That old instance’s IP was working for my website then I changed the IP of the website in Cloudflare to the new instance’s IP address. But, since yesterday I am receiving that Error 522: connection timed out.
How can I be sure I still need to time populate complete DNS changes? Or how can I understand the website configuration is not okay if it is not? Normally it should work because I just snapped a working instance…
The website is : https://knowinapp.com/

Hi there,

Have you tried pausing Cloudflare and observing whether that fixes the issue? If not, please try that and let us know the result - it’ll help us narrow down the issue.

This article may also be of help :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Albert, I paused the cloudflare but still I am getting same Error.

This suggests you’ve either entered the wrong IP when creating the DNS record, or your firewall are blocking incoming connections.

You need to fix this and make sure your site loads fine over HTTPS. Only then can you unpause Cloudflare.

Hi, as I mentioned above I have snapped the instance which already was working and used that new instance’s IP for the DNS. So, the firewall and other things are same. Just my curious is that how can be sure that I need time to see my dns changes populated or not.

Does the IP of the new instance end with 113? If yes, then the DNS record change has already propagated and the issue is at your end.

All I can say is the instance does not respond on TCP port 80/443 - this is why Cloudflare cannot reach your origin.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with AWS snapping, and, in any case, troubleshooting non-Cloudflare issues is beyond the scope of this forum.

I finally figured out why it is not working. The problem was the security group of instance. I was thinking I am using the same group when snapping an instance but that is not. So, the firewall from AWS was blocking the requests… Thanks for all :slight_smile:

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