DNS changes not working


I changed my hosting company.

So I changed DNS records for my domain hoshitest .de pointing to the new server - already 3 days ago.

When I look up DNS records in some online DNS checker, I see that no changes have been taken.

What am I doing wrong?


You are using the Cloudflare proxy, so your external IP wouldn’t change when you change your A/AAAA records.

Did you follow the guide that is linked on the currently visible page to assign the domain to your website?

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Do you mean the link pointing to my Hoster’s Control Panel? I changed it there, but it says it can’t assign the new website because the DNS records are not correctly pointing to the servers of the new hosting company.
But in Cloudflare, I made all changes to the new hosting servers.
Or which guide do you mean?

In that case, you need to switch the record from proxied (:norange:) to DNS-only (:ngrey:) until the domain is assigned to your website, after that you should be able to reactivate the proxy.


Thanks, will try and come back.

Thanks, worked like a charm.


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