DNS changes not propagating after nameserver change to Cloudflare

Hi all,

I’ve been spending the last few hours trying to figure out why my DNS configuration is not being reflected on a domain I have purchased (sboxed.com).

I’ve transferred the domain over from GoDaddy - here’s a screenshot:


This is verified on Cloudflare’s end:

When my nameservers were managed by GoDaddy, DNS changes would propagate fine. If it’s any help, I’ve run the diagnostic centre tool and found that the site does not respond with a HTTPS status.

Here’s a screenshot of my Cloudflare DNS configuration:

Any suggestions/advice?

Netlify is not and was never designed to have any other CDN Service run infront of it.

Pleae have a read here:

Also: for me it seems the DNS change propagated correctly, but the problem is related to the :orange: proxy setting of the CNAME to Netlify, please just unproxy (:grey:) the CNAMES to any Netlify service.
It technically could work, not the guys from Netlify dont want it to work and thats their right to not support this.

Anyway… if you want to host static sites (which jackberingen.netlify.app seems to be) then you I would recommend you considering using CloudFlare Pages. Its even available for free up to 500 Pushes and the rest is basically unlimited!

Have a read here:

Easy to migrate and easy to manage. And you are not getting limited by such … technical limitations which just exist because they (netlify) want them to exist.

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Thanks a bunch! Never occurred to me that netlify would have been the culprit.

Dont get me wrong, I like their service, but you can not use them in combination with CloudFlare CDN and have a secure site.

You have to options:

  • use CloudFlare in DNS Only (:grey:) mode for the related Domains/Subdomains
  • or use and alternative service. There are some out there and CloudFlare Pages actually is awesome!

To be fair, they are right with: using CloudFlare in front of Netlify will break some netlify features. Just have a read in their docs and decide what you want to do. There are even some workarounds for the Cachingproblems

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Yep, that will be the plan. I’ve been migrating all of my stuff over to Cloudflare anyways so Cloudflare Pages seems like the logical choice now. Thanks for the help!

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