DNS changes not propagated to CloudFlare after 36 hours

I changed the A record for a domain over 36 hours ago through my DNS provider (IONOS), and still Cloudflare is not reflecting the change. All other DNS providers updated within minutes (Google, OpenDNS, Quad9, Yandex, authoratitive DNS,

So if anyone is using as their DNS they see the old website, not the new one, which is on a different IP address.

I have tried the Purge Cache tool a number of times but it doesn’t make any difference.

How can I resolve this?

If you are using Cloudflare, they are your DNS provider. The change should be made in your Cloudflare dashboard.

If you aren’t using Cloudflare you would need to post the domain name.

Thanks. No, I’m not using Cloudflare to manage the DNS. The domain is byronsecurity.co.uk and the A-record should point to but via it still shows the old IP of

The name servers for your domain are:


It is the last one that’s giving out your old IP.

dig +short byronsecurity.co.uk @ns3.livedns.co.uk
dig +short byronsecurity.co.uk @ns1045.ui-dns.biz

Thank you.

I’m not sure where that last one is coming from now - it should’ve been removed and replaced by the ns1045. ones.

Is that likely to resolve itself by waiting longer, or should I try re-setting the new name servers?

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