DNS changes not being reflected

Last night we made changes to our A records for www.insterstatesp.com and interstatesp.com. The changes are not being reflected. I used nslookup using Cloudflare DNS servers and and I am getting results that are not consistent with our zone records. Those A records are being proxied and have a TTL of “Auto.” Am I missing something?

Here are results using nslookup. The A records should be

That record is proxied. You’re seeing Cloudflare’s public IP addresses for your site, and those won’t change, even if you change the behind-the-scenes IP address of your server.

Is something not working on your site?

The client was reporting slowness so the web developer asked if the changes were made. I guess this was on me for not understanding how the proxy works. So when proxied any changes are instant since CloudFlare does the resolution on the backend?

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