DNS changed on its own

I was notified of a DNS issue and when I checked Cloudflare settings for the domain, I received a message that Cloudflare was not the DNS provider. I have been using Cloudflare for at least 5 years with this domain, and have not made any changes. The message stated that I should login to GoDaddy (domain is registered there) and change the nameservers, and displayed that the current nameservers are with DNS Made Easy. DNS Made Easy was the previous DNS provider, but the account has been closed for at least a year now.

I checked the audit logs for the account, and the only thing that is strange is a log on Sunday about a zone move. It doesn’t have any details other than the account name, which is my account and protected by MFA. There was no login entry prior to the change either. Hoping someone has experienced this before and can shed some light on what happened and how to correct. I do not have Pro or Enterprise, just the basic, free account.

What does GoDaddy show the nameservers as? Theirs are the one that matter as they are your registrar

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