DNS changed but old website still opening

Hi all,

Yesterday afternoon (about 20hrs ago) I’ve changed the A record of a domain in Cloudflare. Waited for an hour but the change didn’t come through. Only after disabling proxy on the A record and CNAME (www) record the new website opens. When proxy is enabled it goes to the old website.

How can I solve this?


Do you mean that when you do a DNS lookup the IP address did not change (which is expected behaviour for :orange: DNS records), or that the content did not change?

Do you get an error message (like a 52x indicating an SSL configuration problem)?

Did you purge the cache?

When I do a DNS lookup with proxy enabled it will show the Cloudflare nameservers. When proxy is disabled it shows the ip address of the A record.

I have cleared cache in CF. I do not het any errors.

Proxy enabled will show old website (at WPengine)
Proxy disabled will show new website (at Cloudways)

So very strange…

Were you using the WPE integration with Cloudflare? If so, you will need to have WPE disconnect the integration for your site.

This is an issue with a number of SAAS providers who use Cloudflare. Their configuration takes precedence over yours, so any requests hitting the Cloudflare network get sent to their configuration.

If they do not/cannot remove their config from your hostname, then you will need to open a ticket with Cloudflare with the details, drop the ticket reference in this thread, and we can get it escalated for resolution.

According the engineer of the old site no CF integration is active at WPEngine. I’ve created a ticket: 2295402

Hi @michael, support was reasonable quick with replying but after my next input no progress has been made. Do you have insight of the ticket status?

Some more info. I’ve checked the WpEngine dashboard for any Cloudflare settings and there are none. I can see the site has been visited at the moments the CF Proxy was enabled. When the proxy is enabled the old site at will open instead of the new one at

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