DNS changed and ssl keys changed. But ssl not working

I want my website to be secured with ssl. But its showing not secured even after the changing of nameservers and ssl keys

This is not something Cloudflare alone can do. You first need to secure your server, talk to your host about that.

All you can get from Cloudflare is an Origin certificate but that still needs to be configured on your server.

I’ve also changed the origin key and privet key from the default ones in godaddy to the keys provided by Cloudflare

Have you configured a certificate on your server?

yes I’ve

What’s the domain?


In that case make sure you are using Full Strict as encryption mode (otherwise there is no encryption) and your site should load all right.

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Is this what you are talking about?


Oh its working now! Thank you very much!!! :smile:

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I need to keep on renewing this every 90 days right? For free

Is there a limit to the number of times it can be renewed every 90 days?

No, the proxy certificate is handled by Cloudflare and you do not need to do anything. You will need to renew the server certificate you got from Cloudflare before it expires, but that is in 2038.

By server certificate, you mean the privet key, and origin key right?

Right, what you configured on your server.

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