DNS Change revert back


I updated my Cloudflare DNS manually 2 days ago to a new hosting. Yet when I checked today all of my DNS has reverted back to my old hosting.

Why is that? What causes it


Sometimes, DNS switches back and forth for a couple of days until DNS fully propagates. What’s your domain?


You’ve twice today made a rapid series of changes to your DNS records (fast enough I assume they were either done by script or importing a BIND file). One set reverted the changes you made a few days ago (at least at a quick glance) and the other changed them to the new values again.


Yes I change it before making this thread to the new values.
Could it be that my old host is making the changes?


Well support could give you information on the IP addresses associated with the changes from our user logs. You can open a ticket directly with them, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. If you had a script of some kind managing your records from there, it is possible it was left running.

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