DNS change not working

Hey, so i changed the IP at which my domain was pointed towards, as well as the port, and it said it saved… but it’s taken almost 24 hours and It says its active, but it doesn’t work. I used my domain to connect to my minecraft server, and it worked fine, then I switched to another host, and now I just switched the IP and port that it was pointed towards, and it still isnt working.

Please help, thanks.

Any error message? If you just changed your a record(s), it depends on the TTL that was set before.

Would you mind to tell us your domain?

The domain is aciesmc.co — the TTL is set to _minecraft and is the proper port that was given by my hosting provider, but for some reason it still doesnt work

So your players connect directly to aciesmc.co or should they use a subdomain like server.aciesmc.co?

the domain itself doesn’t point to any IP.
Best would be to provide a screenshot of your DNS settings in this case. Remove or blurr ip addresses if you like

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The players connect with play.aciesmc.co. It worked perfectly with the other IP, and then I just switched it and it no longer does.

Cloudflare does not proxy non-HTTP traffic (outside of the Enterprise Plan). You will need to make the play record :grey: instead of :orange: so that Cloudflare only acts as a DNS provider.


Did that about half an hour ago, still isn’t working. Should I give it time?

Still doesn’t work!!

To me too, it seems that Cloudflare have some problems … ?!

What specific issue or error code do you get?

I’m not receiving an error.

So what’s not working about it?

On the server list, when I put in “play.aciesmc.co” it says “Can’t resolve host.”

I was able to fix it!! Thanks for everyone’s help!

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