DNS change not working for .it domain

I am trying to switch two .it (Italian) domain names to Cloudflare. They are registered with Godaddy. Whenever I try to switch the name servers to the ones specified by Cloudflare, Godaddy returns an error. I have spoken to Godaddy support who tell me this is because the name servers are not authoritative, which is required for .it domains.

Other posts here suggest this could be because the domains I’m trying to switch were previously added to another account. It claimed that this should eventually resolve itself, however two months later I’m still getting the same error when I try to switch name servers. Is there any way to resolve this?

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If you go into the Cloudflare dashboard, select your domain, and navigate to “DNS” you will find a section titled “Cloudflare Nameservers” there. Are these the ones you are trying to enter over at GoDaddy for the same domain?

That’s correct yes. I’ve added other domains without issue, it’s just these .it domains.

That’s strange. What if you do a dig or nslookup from your terminal? They are roughly equivalent so use the one you have available on your computer.

dig @name.ns.cloudflare.com example.it
nslookup example.it name.ns.cloudflare.com

Replace “name” with the correct Cloudflare name server, and example.it with your domain.

What does the output look like? Feel free to redact sensitive parts such as domain names and IPs.

Could be this.

Yes this is one of the other posts I referred to. I took option one, wait, but after two months the issue is still happening.

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