DNS change not updating

I have a site whose DNS pointed to WPEngine hosting.

I have removed the site from WPEngine, and updated the DNS records to point to new servers.

Going to www.1623capital.com is still going to WPEngine, saying invalid DNS and no site exists there.

Going to 1623capital.com goes to the new destination correctly.

I have also tried making a Page Rule to redirect www to bare, but still goes to WPEngine. I removed www records, page loading then times out (as expected). Added the records back, and STILL going to the old place destination. I have tried from multiple browsers, multiple networks, multiple machines.


Thank you for asking.

May I ask have you asked WPEngine to check just in case if there is some CNAME record / hostname for your domain name at their side left?

It knows to be an issue when we use some hosting providers which enable SaaS for our domain name/website.

Kindly, ask them to re-check this and remove/delete if so.

I’d suggest you to follow the instructions from the article below as they are related to any SaaS integrator:

Therefore, just in case, kindly may I ask you to please re-check if the A www or CNAME www is existing under the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name and if so, does it point to your new hosting / server IP address?

Thanks. I opened a chat window on WPEngine and they cleared it up in about 2 minutes.

A bit frustrating that you think you control the DNS for your own sites, but apparently not quite.

Either way thanks for the suggestion, all clear now.

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I am sorry to hear this. Agree, it is.

I am happy to assist you and glad it’s resolved :wink:

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