DNS change not propagating to all countries even after 72 hours

The DNS has not propagated to all locations and it has been 72 hours. The WHOIS data correctly says the name servers are pointing to Cloudflare but I’m not able to access the site in most countries.

Even cloudflare’s own DNS isn’t resolving it.

Many TLDs update within a few minutes or less, .org included. DNS doesn’t really propagate in the sense that the word implies, rather, it is cached and therefore can take a while for caches to expire, but this does not appear to be your issue here.

Rather, the problem appears to be dnssec related, take a look at your domain’s report on dnsviz.net. You need to remove all dnssec records at your registrar, then wait for the TTL on those records to expire, which could be up to 86400 seconds (24 hours).

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Many thanks @thedaveCA

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