DNS Change Not Propagating After 36+ Hours

Hi, I made a change to the A record of a domain (next18.org) on cloudlfare. Change was done on Wednesday Sep 8 around 7pm US central time. It is now 9.30am on Friday Sep 10. I know the standard wait time is 72 hours for propagation, however, whenever I’ve done this in the past it’s usually taken less than an hour and on a few occasions a couple of hours to propagate. Never this long. Appreciate any help or info on what the cause could be. I ran the cloudflare diagnostics and also check cloudflare status and did not find anything. Thanks.

That record is proxied by Cloudflare. What are you expecting to see?

Thanks for the reply. It is, but the change I made to the A record (to point to a different IP/host) has not not taken effect. The website is still going to the old site on the old host and not the new site (which looks completely different) on the new host.

For hosting changes, I generally recommend toggling the :orange: to :grey: DNS Only to make sure the site if functional before using Cloudflare. Give that a try and then wait five minutes.

Also, to confirm, are the two name servers at the bottom of your DNS page showing Etta and Cullen?


Thanks a lot, changing to DNS only worked. Yep, the two name servers are correct.

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