DNS change is impossible without IP addresses

Hi there,
I’m asking your support for this issue:
if I don’t add IP addresses the new Cloudflare nameservers

those are rejected, and my registar customer care explained that I cannot change to any new nameservers without IP addresses

Here I share a screenshot:

anyone know a woraround for this issue?
many thanks

That is actually a bogus explanation, as nameservers specifically do not need IP addresses.

Still, some registrars apparently are not aware of that and have that pointless requirement, which is why there’s even a dedicated tutorial on that → Finding the IP address of your Cloudflare Nameserver

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thank you, I follewed your tutorial and using the https://digwebinterface.com/ online tool I got the IP for 2 Cloudflare nameservers.
The tool gave me 6 differents IP, but when I put in my registar in order to change the DNS I get the message Non è possibile inserire due volte lo stesso valore translated: “It is not possible using twice the same value”, I imagine that I cannot repeat the namesrvers even if those have differents IP addresses… that’s why I only used 2 nameservers with 2 IP, from the 6 IP I got…

Thank you for helping with it.
Now I wait that the change will be effective.
Many thanks

Most likely, but you can probably specify whatever you want anyhow, as the addresses won’t be used anywhere. Just pick one of the addresses for each server and specify it and your registrar should be happy.

Nameservers should be correctly set now.

nslookup -type=ns ranierilavastone.com a.gtld-servers.net
Server:  UnKnown

ranierilavastone.com    nameserver = doug.ns.cloudflare.com
ranierilavastone.com    nameserver = nova.ns.cloudflare.com

thank you, yes now on Cloudflare panel I see that the nameservers are ok now.
May I ask you, is it normal that I have to wait for having all correctly matched? Because I am quite upset now as I did a speed performance (using https://gtmetrix.com/) before and after che DNS change, and now the pages are much slower and with bad performances and related issues that I did not have before. I presume it is OT in this topic… I only ask you if I have to wait a while before doing any test and appreciate any real permanent improvement.
Many thanks

Not sure what you are exactly referring to, but yes, your domain needs to be properly pointed to Cloudflare for it to work on Cloudflare. Once that is done and it’s active on Cloudflare you’ll be using all enabled Cloudflare features.

The only thing that Cloudflare will really speed up is serving cached resources, everything else (especially if it comes to uncached, dynamic content) you’ll have to “manually” optimise. Cloudflare won’t just speed up a site which generally is slow, you’ll stil need to work on the server here. For example, if you use Wordpress you could enable APO as that was specifically designed for that.

But yeah, if you have specific question I’d open a new thread in #performance and I’d definitely also check out #tutorials and the search, as there is plenty of information there as well.

many thanks
I open a dedicated ticket because I need to understand why this initial worsening
thank you

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