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I am new here.

I have my domain registered with domain.com but I use it as external domain with IONOS as a server provider. That means I have domain Namerservers pointed to IONOS (ns1045xxxxxxcom, etc)
Now configuring Cloudflare I changed NS on domain.com as specified in instructions (clydecloudflarexxx, etc)

My question is should I add old IONOS nameservers to cloudflare DNS settings? or it is not needed?

Another question is that after checking webpagetest with active domain it does not show that it is using CDN, what can be the problem?

Thank you

Cloudflare only lets you use the two Cloudflare name servers assigned to your domain. You shouldn’t add IONOS name servers to your Cloudflare DNS.

Cloudflare will cache your static files like a CDN would. Not all CDN tests understand how Cloudflare does this, and sometimes gives a false alarm.

Thank you.

But is it possible to keep IONOS NS and just add Cloudflare NS? or it does not function like this?

Is it possible to optimize images in a free subscription?

You can’t use both. They’d conflict.

Free plan doesn’t do image optimization. But the $20/month Pro plan does.

Thank you.

One more thing. I have 3 domain status as Active in cloudflare but when I checked https://www.webpagetest.org one of them shows Effective CDN use, and other two do not recognize cdn at all. This is what you call false alarm, right? The domain which shows CDN Effective use is registered on godaddy and two others are on domain.com. Is that normal?

One of registrar is asking NS ip addresses, which one I put? I checked with ping, but they are changing every time…
I need IP for:


Thank you

You can get the IP address from dnschecker.org. It will return three IP addresses. They’re all good, but I generally recommend the one that starts with 172.

I have a issue.
I am trying add second NS
sasha.ns.cloudflare.com, but when I add it, it always shows up with the following IP

What to do?

Registrars shouldn’t be asking for IP addresses on Name Servers. And that IP address doesn’t make sense. You’ll have to get help from your registrar, as Cloudflare has no control over this.

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