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Hi, Hoping you can help me as I am very new to managing DNS entries and Web Hosting.
I have a website that was built by hosting company and I am in the process of moving the site to another hosting company.

I have successfully migrated the site across and now I just need to repoint the DNS to the new providers IP address, which they have provided me.
I have signed into Cloudflare with my credentials and clicked on the DNS option in the right hand pane. I was expecting to see an existing Arecord that was pointing to my OLD WebHosting providers IP address and then just change it to the new IP address, but I do not see a current A record entry. I ONLY see a C-NAME and and M-X entry. There is no ARecord shown !

When I click on the C-NAME edit option, there is no where to adjust any IP address.

Can you please let me know where to go to repoint my website to my new Web Hosting providers IP address?

Do I just add an ARecord with the new IP address? If so, how was the site working previously without an ARecord?

Appreciate any help you can offer.
Thank you in advance.

Thought I would include this screenshot to help with understanding the issue.
Thank you.

Hello there, please check this Tutorial on how to add the A record.

In order to serve traffic from Cloudflare, you need A record to be pointed & proxied :orange:

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Hi @neiljay, Thank you for your quick response and advice. I have followed the information an added a ARecord to my listing and will now wait for it to propagate. The main thing that I do not understand is how was the website working previously given there was no existing ARecord?? I have a feeling there is still something hidden somewhere that I need to change to is still pointing to the old WebHosting provider.
ie. How was the internet resolving my domain name to an IP address if there was no existing ARecord?
Appreciate any advice you can offer. Thanks again.

I assume it could be likely the other records were existing here while the essential host record still remain connected from the hosting to the domain registrar. That can be possible for the main domain.

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