Dns-change has no effect for 30min now!

i changed www.MYDOMAIN to a new ip address, with proxy over Cloudflare ip. but it still routes to the old ip. how long does it take, that this will be changed? in the past this always worked immediately. has anything changed? or is this an error of Cloudflare?

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I have similar issue. Almost 20 minutes waiting for new A record to propagate.

This maybe explains my issue to that changing IP address is having no effect.

@christian1, the record in question was and is :orange:?

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yes, exactly

Yes. My A record is “proxied by CF”

It usually is not instant but can take a few minutes. Though 30 is a bit long. Maybe open a support ticket.

It’s always instant when I have used in past, literally change and then open another window and it’s working. I think there may be some error with Cloudflare given we are all experiencing a similar issue.

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i have already opened a support ticket and got an answer now: there are technical problems with dns-changes in the moment on the side of Cloudflare. they are working already to solve it.


Great news! Thanks for info.

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Recently took a new domain into Cloudflare something i’ve done hundreds of times before.
Cloudflare says it is in control of DNS.

Yet when I ping the domain, it goes straight to the host IP, exactly as it did before.
It also seems to make no difference what IP i set in Cloudflare, the domain still pings to the original IP…

Any ideas what is going on?

I have the same issue, it’s taking up to 1 hour to change the IP’s, it made a lot of damage to my business , isn’t here an online support so we could make a ticket for it? it’s been more than 4 hours that im dealing with this issue

As @christian1 already posted, he already opened a ticket. There is little point in spamming support with the same issue :smile:

Thanks for the reply, i guess i’ve missed @christian1 's comment, but i’ve already moved all of my domains to another dns service

For a delay in DNS record updates? :scream:

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FOR A DELAY??? as i said it was 5 hours of disconnection for my services because of it , 5 hours is same as DEATH in my job!

Well, to be fair, propagation of new nameservers might take longer than this outage :slight_smile:

DNS update delays are recovering with a maximum delay of 2 hours. We will continue to update as the Incident progresses.

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i’m not trying to judge , but it seems to me that you all are here just for fun and know nothing about anything! no business, not about nameservers, not about services disconnections ,…

and NOT AT ALL, it took just a minute and all of my services back running with another dns service again, Of course i feel more comfortable with Cloudflare, but my services are more important

i wish i had screen shots of delayed time! 2 hours is a lie!