DNS change has knocked out my site

Hi All,.

Hope you can help a bit of newbee to CF.

We have just moved hosting and have updated DNS on Cloudflare to point to new A record address.

But have instantly lost access to old server and no access to new server.

I appreciate DNS propagation can take a little time, but i am surprised to lose instant access to old site…

Please can some one advise me on this… just doesnt seem right.


Hi @steve6,

Can you share the domain name and the error you are getting? You should still have access to the old server if you connect directly, you just might not through Cloudflare if the DNS records don’t point there any more. Did you test the version of the site on the new server before switching your DNS across?

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the domain is www.Bagworkshop.com
this is hosted with WPMU.

I can get access to the old server via Ipaddess, but URL returns an error connecting

The site is working for me, I presume this is connecting to your new server if you have updated the DNS.

I’m getting constant 301 redirects on my end

It looks like HTTP < - > HTTPS redirection loop.

Is your SSL mode Flexible?

If yes, try switch to Full (strict) mode.


SSL is set to full…
i did try this and set to Full (strict) but it came up with CF SSL error page.

Mon dieu!

this page

That answers @domjh’s question

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Yes, we were accessing it using a temp URL… this is still accessble…


I would recommend you follow @domjh’s advice and make sure the site loads fine without Cloudflare first. For that you can’t use a temporary URL of course.

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I cant access the new site without using the Temp URL (as supplied by hosting)
It is a dedicated ip on an aliased server and have been advised by hosting that i cant connect via ip address.

Ok so now its working… it was something to do with the DNS proxy…in CF.
turned this off and seemed to have worked…

Must be a WPMU x CF wrinkle…

Alls well that ends well. thanks for everyones help.

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