DNS change, but global dns didn't change

I changed the DNS to new IP and it never propagated to new IP.
The TTL is set to “AUTO” and i can’t change it, why is this happening?

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If it’s :orange: Proxied, then you get to keep the same two Cloudflare IP addresses as before. But behind the scenes, Cloudflare will immediately begin pulling content from the new IP address.

TTL is Auto (5 minutes) and unchangeable because a 5 minute TTL is pretty quick without overloading DNS.

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its proxy, yes , but the page never displayed. had an error from cloudflare, but after 1 Hour of waiting we had put the IP back to how it was. I need to change the IP of the DNS to new server, thats all. I’m not sure whats causing it to not propagate the new IP to new server correctly.