DNS change and slow homepage load

I have a free plan.
Tonight I changed from OVH’s (hosting) DNS to the Cloudflare DNS.

  1. I know it can take up to 48hrs for the change to complete, but it seems it had been already done, and the site is extremely slow, up to 60 sec just for the homepage to load.
    Is it normal to take so long for the name to resolve?

  2. Could Google AdSense ads disappear during the DNS change?

the domain is rumors.it

Thank you

I am afraid that is straight from your server

$ time curl -iso /dev/null --resolve rumors.it:443:[ORIGIN] https://rumors.it

real    0m44.848s
user    0m0.412s
sys     0m0.040s

Not a resolution issue. Your server simply takes that long to return a response.

Not DNS related either.

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Thank you sandro.

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