DNS challenges with mobile email (works in desktop, not mobile)

I noticed that emails don’t work after setting up Cloudflare default settings. No worries, I disabled then proxying the email server. And emails started working fine in Thunderbird without any changes for settings (I had them using mail. subdomain)

But emails in Spark mobile app don’t work - it does not get even a connection to my server. How can this be different for different email clients? Maybe there is some secret I don’t yet know :slight_smile: please share if you have tips on this.

I also tried changing my default setup from C Record to A record for mail server, according to basic instructions for MX records, but no luck. (the desktop email client was working before that also fine)

Hi @tuijatuulia, I’d compare your setup with what is described in this Tutorials,

That will ensure the proper configuration, the issue you’re describing does not seem to be cloudflare related.

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Seems like she have set up her DNS things right with :grey: . But the server behind it does not respond if I run SMTP tests on it (with Domain Health Check - Online Domain Tools - Blacklist, Email, Website, DNS - MxToolBox)

I assume its about her WordPress website (www.villeriina.net) and her mail.villeriina.net is pointing to ==> (ptr: cpanel08.whcweb.fi)
If I now test this mailserver with SMTP test I get a timeout after 15s.

At her other webshop (www.adalmina.net) her entry mail.adalmina.net is pointing to a similar IP ==> (ptr: cpanel07.whcweb.fi)
Which is actually also is timing out after 15s of the SMTP test.

For me it seems like there is a serverside problem with sending mails with SMTP. if she wants to send with SMTP but receiving Mails should work


There are mail servers there, but they are really slow.


Thanks guys! I was able to fix this - needed to delete Spark account and create a new one. Email in Desktop client worked all the time. Probably due to IP change then, because it was first confused with the new IP and then going back to old one :slight_smile: Not sure, but happy to have it working now. My other domain is not yet functional -it is waiting for a platform change, once this first one is ready :slight_smile:

Having issues with FTP also… Is there a problem if I deleted and recreated FTP record for Cloudflare? is there just a long time to wait until the FTP gray cloud is actually gray… like some days or so… First time I put it gray it took from Friday to Monday to work. Then I deleted the record and recreated it (had a picture sure to make it similar)


I use other SMTP service than from my domain. Emails are sent well :slight_smile: I just had trouble reading them…