DNS challenge issue with certbot

I am having a problem with DNS challenge using Certbot. I am trying to use certbot on Ubuntu 20.04, it is certbot 0.40. I’ve used it many times in the past to do a dns challenge and I’ve done it with Cloudflare. But now I’m running into an issue where Certbot isn’t seeing the txt or cname of the dns challenge. I didn’t know there was a limit to the number of times you can try and I got locked out of certbot for a week. I couldn’t understand why it kept failing.

I asked for help on one of these forums, I can’t remember which now. But they referred me to this site:

my domain that isn’t working is:


I have a working domain, it is:

Here is a screenshot of DNS for robotechmacross.com

You can clearly see a txt file with Acme challenge. I had a cname there before as well but neither could be read.

If you put robotechmacross.com in that first link and check for either cname or txt it can’t find anything. If you put t4tcookiecutters.com in it can find that one.

Is this a glitch in Cloudflare? I don’t understand at all why it’s not seeing anything. Is this why certbot keeps failing? Despite what I see in the actual Cloudflare account, if that other resource can’t find anything, is the same thing happening to certbot? How do I fix this?

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