DNS cannot resolve

I accidentally restarted the custom name servers in the Google domain, which caused the CF resolution to fail to take effect.

Is there any way to fix it?

What’s the domain?

I turned off this setting and then turned it back on

That does not answer my question.


purecloudserver.com is currently properly configured for these nameservers.

However, it cannot be resolved in some countries’ regions, such as China

DNS resolution error occurs

Resolution works fine too - DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

Try it with these two

That will be an issue with these services. Cloudflare does not have control over any network issues on their end. The domain itself is properly configured and resolves fine.

Only thing, the webserver itself is not working.

That means I can only wait for the DNS to take effect in those areas, right?

If it is a DNS issue, then yes. But you need to fix the webserver itself.

But I tested the IP and it is perfectly fine. All regions

sitemeer.com/#nat.purecloudserver.com does not agree

What does it mean?

That DNS resolution works fine and there is an issue with your webserver. Assuming you are talking about a webserver. As far as Cloudflare and DNS is concerned, it works. Everything else needs to be discussed with your host.

Same IP, I changed a domain name, DNS resolution is normal.

Again, it’s not a DNS issue. The given hostname resolves fine and the domain is set up. You best talk to your host.

In this domain, the same IP can all resolve normally
This domain name will not be resolved

These two domains point to the same IP, isn’t this a DNS resolution problem?

As evident from DNS cannot resolve - #8 by sandro the hostname does resolve. If it does not resolve on one particular network, you need to discuss this with the administrator of that network, as that will be an issue with their configuration and not the domain.

And that other domain does not load either.