DNS cannot be resolved


I have set DNS records in cloudflare for rentbuddy.mobi.
I also have set the NS in me registar pointing to the right NS of cloudflare.
Unfortunately, when I do a DNS lookup I don’t get any records back and cloudflare tells me the NS is not configured right.

When I check with my registar however, the NS are right ( lilith.ns.cloudflare.com and zeus.ns.cloudflare.com)

How can I solve this?

Your domain has been suspended by the registrar.


You need to contact your registrar.

Thanks, stupid of me not to check that.

No worries. Just one thing, that IP address ending in 114 does currently not have a certificate for your domain. You should fix this before switching over to Cloudflare.

Good to know, I will have to give a heads up to my client who is doing it by himself.

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