DNS CAA Record not showing on my DNS page

Hi guys,

I recently moved my site to a new hosting. Was able to made the DNS changes on the IP of the server and everything works good, except that I can’t issued a Standard SSL cert. I am getting an error saying A DNS CAA records forbids to issue the certificate. I had the Universal and Origin certificates created from Cloudflare but wanted to implement a Standard SSL certificate from a know issuer so I went ahead and disabled those.

I went to my DNS page in Cloudflare but it doesn’t show anything however if I do a DNS Lookup it does show the CAA records.

Could this be a propagation thing or is something else?

If you’re using AMP or SXG, Cloudflare will automatically add their group of CAA records behind the scenes. If you need more, you can add the necessary CAA record(s) for that other issuer.

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