DNS Byethost

Your DNS zone file is hosted by Byethost, a Cloudflare partner. Changes to your DNS settings must be made through the Byethost website

How can I edit my DNS zone if I don’t even have Byethost account and i have no clue how to create it?

I presume that is your host, is it not?

No it’s not.

In which way did you then get signed up for Cloudflare?

By the infinityfree host “Cloudflare” section.

In that case I’d assume these two are somehow connected. You will probably have to configure your records in your host’s control panel.

This is an cPanel and there are only CNAME and MX values changable. I need to know where is my naked domain pointed because I want both naked domain and with www. to be SSL secured (site is safe, green lock icon) or to redirect somehow my naked domain to www. That’s all what i want. :smiley:

It might be best to contact your host in this regard. They should have that information.

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