A couple of days ago I bought the domain “respiramismares.com” (hostinger.com.ar). I made the change of nameservers pointing to cloudflare. Cloudflare confirms that everything is ok, that the nameservers are correctly assigned. Finally I changed the IP of the A record so that it points to my server (in hostgator).

On my server I have already registered this domain (addon domaind), and I did a new installation of wordpress. However, when I want to enter the web two things happen.

  1. It remains blank (nothing appears at all)
  2. If I enter “incognito” mode I can see a landing page from SedoParking.com

I have done this process many times with other domains and it is the first time that something like this has happened to me.

Does anyone know what it is about?

I’m seeing a server error.

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