DNS being managed by Cloudflare nameservers - unable to manage my DNS settings

Domain is on GoDaddy, although cannot manage my DNS settings because nameservers belong to Cloudflare. I have nothing about my domain on my Cloudflare account so I assume it is being managed by…??? I need to manage DNS settings to authenticate my domain for Constant Contact email newsletter service. I am afraid to change the nameservers to the GoDaddy default as it may wipe all the current DNS settings. HELP PLEASE

You’ll need to find out who created the Cloudflare account for you.

You can try this:

If that doesn’t help, I would recommend you contact whoever created the website for you, as they likely have access to the account.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I have access to our Cloudflare account, but the nameserver appears to be someone named Sharon and Newt. There is nothing about my domain on my Cloudflare account which is bizarre.

Hi @adamsapples

You have two options here, either you remove the domain from Cloudflare or you can move the domain to your account.

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