DNS-Based Validation Process at Cloudflare

Hello everyone! A few days ago I transferred GALENODOM.COM from Namecheap to Cloudflare. So, DNS are currently pointing to Cloudflare instead of Namecheap. In order to start testing the waters before jumping into the lake, today I have tried to add GALENODOM.COM to my Namecheap shared hosting package. Unfortunately I was unable to ADD the domain name and received an error message (Please have a look at the attached file). I checked Namecheap support pages where it is stated as follows regarding error message and validation process.

ERROR MESSAGE: Sometimes, it’s not possible to point your domain name to our hosting name servers. It may be the case that either you wish to keep the domain name pointed to third-party nameservers or there isn’t a way to change the nameservers for your domain name. If this happens, you must complete the required domain name validation process described below:

VALIDATION PROCESS: In order to be able to add your domain name, you must proceed with one of the required validation options quoted below (Please note the provided validation code is only valid for 1 day):

  1. DNS-based Validation (the TXT record should be created in DNS zone of your domain on the side of DNS provider);

  2. HTTP-based Validation (the HTML file should be created on the side of your current hosting provider);

  3. HTML-based Validation (the provided code should be added to the head section of the main website page on the side of your current hosting provider)

QUERY TO CLOUDFLARE: It seems bullet point 1 is the only that could involve taking action on my account at Cloudflare. Could you please direct me at a Cloudflare page on your website that could instruct me how to proceed with the DNS-based Validation as per bullet point 1?

Thank you in advance for any feedback you could provide.


Right. #1 should work well. On the DNS page for your domain at dash.Cloudflare.com, Add a new record, type TXT for @ (it’s shorthand for your domain name) and a value of that very long string of letters and numbers. Probably no quotation marks.


Hi sdayman. Please have a look at attachment to give you an idea what I have done.

  • Have I done the right thing?
  • What should I write in the box “IPv4”?

PS: I just copied and pasted the string of letters and number without the quotation marks.

Thank you

Change the TYPE to TXT, as you’re entering a TXT record. After that, what to put in the NAME and VALUE field should be given to you by namecheap on the validation page.

It looks like namecheap isn’t exactly being easy on that front, so the NAME is your domain name (the first part of that TXT record) and the VALUE is the text within the parenthesis (eYJ…)


Thank you Judge. As per screenshot below, please have a look at what I have done. Of course, the process hasn’t been completed as I have not yet clicked on SAVE.

That should do it.

Wow!! As shown on attached screenshot, it looks as if the creation of a new DNS record has been successful. Now something to query about:

  1. Once I complete adding the domain name to my hosting account at Namecheap, should I come back to my Cloudflare account and reverse (i.e. remove) the DNS newly created? or

  2. Can leave it like this as long as I keep using Namecheap as hosting provider?

I ask this question because as per Namecheap instructions “the provided validation code is only valid for 1 day”. By code I am referring to the string of letters and numbers.

If it’s only valid for one day, it sounds like they don’t need it any more and you can delete it.

Thank you. What I will do is quickly going to Namecheap and complete the ADD DOMAIN process to ensure the validation at Cloulflare will work at their end. I will come back to you if I receive any error message. If everything looks fine then I could remove the newly created DNS record at Clouflare or maybe leave it if there is no harm.

ADDED COMMENTS: This has been a successful story as you can see on the screenshot below. Now Namecheap allowed me to add the domain name GALENODOM.COM. For me this has been a very relevant ticket as I will be transferring more domain names to Cloudflare and was afraid of encoutering difficulties for hosting the domain at Namecheap. Thanks a lot.

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