DNS Balancing (Load Balancing) -> first ip, if fail -> second ip

Hello. Tell me, is it possible to configure GSLB balancing (or Load Balancing) like this:
There are 2 servers with different ip. It is necessary that DNS produces A record with the ip address of the first server. If it is unavailable, then the ip address of the second server. Is this possible?

Здравствуйте. Подскажите, возможно ли настроить балансировку GSLB так:
имеется 2 сервера с разными ip. Необходимо чтобы DNS выдавал А запись c ip адресом первого сервера. Если он будет недоступен, то ip адрес второго сервера. Возможно ли такое? Спасибо.

It’s a basic configuration, if you want all traffic to one and then failover to the second create two different pools, one for each IP, and then set the order as you prefer.

Did I understand correctly?

  1. “Proxy status” for “A” type set in “Proxied” or “DNS only”?
  2. Traffic will go through a proxy or DNS will issue the correct ip through A record?

It seems to me you did.

You can do both, proxied is best because the failover is quicker and seamless for the users.

You can also do simply two different A records for the same subdomain if you want to have both IPs receiving traffic at the same time without the need to pay for a LB, but if the traffic needs to be split then there is no alternative.

PS: read the “Zero-Downtime Failover” section here:

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