DNS App for Android

Good day to all!

I am new here and I would like to know if there’s an updated information about using the App on Android phone? Also, is there a tutorial for it? In addition, would it affect my phone when playing mobile games when I am connected to an Asia server?

Hoping for your quick response.


What do you need?

Objectives for the name conversion server with address; The fastest DNS
Cloudflare’s goals for setting up a global, public DNS server are clear: They decide to launch the fastest DNS server on the planet. However, their other goal is to raise the standard of privacy protection for users. To speed up the Internet, they set up a large number of datacenters around the globe to reduce the distance and latency for faster access to content by users. Their ultimate goal is for everyone to be less than 10 milliseconds away from at least one Cloudflare location.