DNS API token filter by ip but not for name?

i’m trying to setup an API token for DNS.
I want this token to be able to update a single record ( something like dynamic DNS) , so I’m trying to limit it to a single record, like home.mydomain.com , but the filter is only by ip.

Here’s any way to accomplish this?

Sorry, firewalls and other blocking mechanisms have to block by IP address, as that’s all they can legitimately see from their end. Hostnames can be spoofed.

I think that I wasn’t able to explain myself, let me clarify:

I want to limit the scope of this token, so it will be able only to modify one record (i.e myrecordxyz.mydomain.com) while not being able to change the other records in the same zone.

Or the filter means that only one specific source ip can modify the zone?

Or that the value that can be assigned to the record can fall into the specified range?

ok , found the answer here (always RTFM).
It’s possibile to limit the source of the API requests , and not limit them to a subset of hosts

Will experiment with third level domain.

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