DNS API Stop working

Hi, I have been using Worker to update my DNS record using Cloudflare API and it was working fine for a few days until today.

Now my worker script has an error and if I cURL direct using API to

  1. Update my DNS records
  2. Create new DNS records

It will produce the following errors

  1. “code”:81044,“message”:“Record does not exist.” - when updating record with PUT
  2. “code”: 1001, “error”: “method_not_allowed” - when creating record with POST

I can only do a GET request to list my records in my zone. I have checked the community page, my domain is not in those listed TLD that API is not supported.
Cloudflare API documentation says DNS API is supported on free plan, has this changed? Or is this a bug?


Sorry to spam, I just tested and it is working as coded now!.