DNS and SSL certificate issue

Hi, I could really do with some support. I have a main website which is baby2sleep and I have an external platform where my courses are held which is shop.baby2sleep on membervault. For some strange reason the domain no longer works and the ssl renewal has failed. I have no clue what I am doing and I have clients who can’t access the courses the have paid for as they cannot get onto the platform. I am totally lost. Is there anyone who can help?

Is this baby2sleep.co.uk? (as the .com is a domain for sale).

Both the apex and shop site load for me.

What do you see?

It’s the Uk one.

It’s definitely a failed renewal and the ssl certificate has expired. I had to tell bitdefender it was safe but I know some of my clients don’t even get the option to load it anyway. X

Still works for me. I’m seeing the Cloudflare certificate here and in my browser, and it’s well in date…

Was there a problem on your origin certificate? (Although that should give a Cloudflare error page).

Not that I’m aware of. I did change something tonight on it as it said dns only and I turned proxy on, not that I know what that meant. It literally went from working one day to not working. Very odd.

Ah, if you’ve only just made a change to turn on the proxy, you are probably hiding the expired SSL certificate on your origin server behind Cloudflare.

Likely your SSL/TLS is set to “Flexible” as that would use HTTP and bypass it. Or it’s set to “Full” that would ignore the expired certificate. You can check in your dashboard here…

This should be set to “Full (strict)” to protect your site visitors. If this causes a Cloudflare error, you need to get the certificate issue fixed on your origin server.

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