DNS and proxy doesn't work only on my top level domain

DNS and proxy doesn’t get applied only to my top level domain. For example the stage. A record and the www. CName record are correctly resolved by the browser and the the ping command to a Cloudflare IP but the main domain is not proxied and still pointing to the origin server thus fails the SSL connection. All clouds are checked (oranged) in the DNS control panel including my A record for the top level domain, it’s not my first cloudflare integration but I have no idea what to do, its not time issue as I changed the nameservers 36 hours ago, any ideas? The domain name is sexyduels.com, thank you!

Just checked and main domain points to CF. Clear your DNS cache.

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Yep, just checked from my phone, its ok… the thing is I cleared the DNS cache on my Windows 10 several times, yet it obviously had no effect what so ever. Thanks for the hint Xaq

Edit: No wonder that the flush DNS attempts had no effect…
It just came to my mind to check my hosts file and yes, the domain was mapped to my origin IP, apparently, I have done that in the past and have forgotten about it, so, so stupid…


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