DNS and PLESK (External DNS Used)



I have signed up for cloudflare via plesk. When I go to add my DNS servers to cloudflare (external and not plesk) it defaults me to say that I need to login to plesk for DNS. There doesn’t appear to be a way around this. So, for my external dns I have added the following entries and setup to plesk.

NS Configuration - domain dot com - IP address of Plesk
Plesk Configuration - redirect to www.domain dot com
NS Configuration - www.domain dot com - www.domain.com.cdn.cloudflare dot net

However, I receive an error 1016.

Any ideas?


Pay particular attention to this bit, depending on what your integration mapping is set to:

Please note that “cf” may not be the resolve to record in your DNS records. This subdomain is either defined through the Host API or through one of our installed integrations. The default value for Magento plugin is “cf.” while the default for other plugins may be “cloudflare-resolve-to.”

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