DNS and page rules applied, but cloudflare caching not working

Hello Community,
My DNS has been set up to be cloudflare, but it seems like the cache is not working… I do not understand why… I have tried many things but nothing seems to work.
Here are some screenshots of the set up.

The link of my website: https://chaletnordik.com/

Here are some screenshots:

What do your DNS records look like? When I visit the site it does not appear that anything is being proxied through Cloudflare.

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Agreed. It’s coming straight from a LiteSpeed server at Hostinger.

Those DNS records should be set to :orange: Proxied.

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Here you go @Cyb3r-Jak3 @sdayman ,

You need to change the A record for https://chaletnordik.com/ from :grey: to :orange: and probably the CNAME record as well.

This one @Cyb3r-Jak3

That one, too. And the AAAA record at the top as well.

Normal to have my website down for a while?

My attempt showed an SSL error.

Can you check the SSL/TLS section for your domain in the Cloudflare dashboard?

SSL Mode should be Full (Strict), and in Edge Certificates, you should see an Active certificate.

I have a ssl certificate on hostinger! :open_mouth:

Ah, there. It says Pending Validation (TXT). Like it’s waiting for a TXT record. I don’t recall seeing a TXT record validation for domains fully set up here. Here’s more SSL info that may help get a cert issued:

@sdayman , I need to validate the certificate on cloudflare even if I already have one on my hostinger server?

Absolutely. The Cloudflare Proxy server also needs a certificate so visitors can make an encrypted connection.

Great! Doing it right now!

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@sdayman @Cyb3r-Jak3 , thanks a lot for your immense help!

The certificate has been issued automatically, I haven’t had to do anything to validate it!


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