DNS and my site

Hi, I have looked around, read docs, watched videos here and on YT and still cannot find the what I amloking for. Most all of the info has specific omissions t least for me.
Is there someone available to talk a look at my DNS on CF and on one of my sites and walk me through the corrects and setup i AM WILLING TO PAY. and will set a session on ZOOM Thanks

I can’t say I can walk you through as I don’t know what you’re looking for. Could you explain what you’re trying to achieve and can’t find in tutorials? Maybe someone can explain it or then say they can talk you through.

Similar to how https://dontasktoask.com/ works, if we don’t know what the problem is we can’t say we are available to take a look at your DNS on Cloudflare :slight_smile:

Hi and thanks for the reply

I can;t find the dashboardand feel like an idiot LMAO

Anyway more importantly for now here is the problem.

'To me it seems simple but that may be bec

I am a very left brained persosn

step by step…

Anyway, Iuse gmail but have email accounts on my domains to which people can send emails and all of those emails have a forwarder set to sentd them to a gmail email addy. Problem is the trace says they re not deivered.

So I have asked and read and watched videos but all of it says an MX is needed and perhaps an A recocrd and a CNAME.

And some even shoe the ADD CNAME but not what goes in there or why.

One guy showed that what he did was delete all the DNS records from CF and then started over to make sure he had all the correct cinfig but he did not show how he did tht and I have read thaat CFscans one time only. they can be imported but when i read tht my eyes went crossed using CLI or API. So anyway, I figure if someone could take a look at my DNS on my website or I can wipe it and delete the site fromthe cpnel and then recreate the domain again in the WMP starting with a fresh DNS if necessaary and only then add it back to CF. Then someone ould lool at CFand shpw me what exactly was needed to get my mail forwarded tpo gmail.

I hope it is not necessary to go the wipe route . It seems someone who really knows DNSandwhat is necessarycould look at my CF and show me what to do. eg "you need an MX record and this is what it sshould contain, and/or you need an A record because blah blah and tthis si what it has t say and same for a CNAME etc. Then I could do it and no more confusion Plus thos videos and doc justy might make sense to me OL

So that is it. Thanks againand hope to hear back soon as this has caused e a big delay for a projecty I am on


Please paardon my typing but this new KB is really bad; the throw is way long… new one on the way but that doesnt help you:)Talk soon I hoped

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