DNS and mobile operator MegaFon (Moscow)

Hello! I use a mobile operator MegaFon. I live in Moscow. When I set the DNS cloudflare in the Android smartphone settings (or through the official application), the server cloudflare automatically begins to find it in Helsinki, and not in Moscow. What to do?

Привет! Я использую мобильный оператор МегаФон. Я проживаю в Москве. Когда я выставляю настройки DNS в Андроиде (или через официальное приложение, то сервер cloudflare автоматически выбирается в Хельсинках, а не в Москве. Что делать?

https://lg.he.net/ look up your ASN number for your Russian ISP and plug it in to Hurricane Electric Looking Glass

https://www.peeringdb.com/ has more generic information, it shows what city or internet exchange areas the ISP could peer in but there’s no proof they actually connect to cloudflare in that building. BRIC and developing-nation cloudflare POPs/DCs are usually local ISP specific.

Airplane mode your phone, then turn off a airplane mode, maybe your IP address will change and you’ll wind up in a different cloudflare pop. Also cloudflare free plan anything tend to be long-haul sent to other cities while paid plan, consumer or server, will get pricey ultra local DCs. Helsinki is probably moscow’s connection to the outside world, thru Saint P. Choice 2, would be under the Baltic to Germany.

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