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I am encountering an issue with configuring my email client (Outlook) to connect to my server hosted at Liquid Web. Here’s a summary of the problem and what I have tried so far:

Problem: When trying to set up IMAP in Outlook, I receive the error message “We couldn’t find the incoming IMAP server.”

What I have tried:

  1. Checked the server’s hostname settings, and here are my current settings:
  2. Cloudflare DNS Management: I created an A record where cloudvpsserver.host.indimoves.com points to IP address and disabled the proxy as suggested by Liquid Web support.
  3. Checked the MX record settings on Cloudflare, which seem correct as advised by Liquid Web support.
  4. Verified that I can access webmail successfully

Despite these efforts, I can still not connect my email client to the server.

Please let me know if there are any additional configurations or settings I need to adjust on Cloudflare’s end to resolve this issue. I appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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Welcome to the Cloudflare Community :logodrop:

Your MX record is not involved in your IMAP connection. Do ensure that the hostname in your MX record is set to :grey: DNS Only.

Does the error day that Outlook cannot find the IMAP server or cannot connect to the IMAP server?

You need to be sure that any email hostnames used with SMTP or IMAP are set to :grey: DNS Only.

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