DNS and Google FireBase app

Dear Community,

Wondering about configuring the domain in Google firebase app and Cloudflare.

Created A record with IP Address provided by the Google Firebase app domain configration.

But still domain is not pointing to the firebase

Kindly give me your insights


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I am using SSL option Full SSL for my domain which is added to my Cloudflare account and also used with my Firebase project.

Both A www and A yourdomain.com should be :orange: (proxied via Cloudflare).

Moreover, having your domain behind Cloudflare, you could still see the “needs setup” like this:

Also, Google may sent you a warning/reminder to setup your domain, while it actually all works.

See my settings on the below screenshots:

Here is a tutorial:

For Cloudflare and Google Firebase, see the needed DNS records here:

You can also add an TXT record either for Google Search Console or Google Postmaster Tools to verify it.

Depending on the needs, you can eiher move from Firebase to Cloudflare Workers :wink:

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