DNS and forwarding server

I want to try to add Cloudflare to forward server in Windows 2016 but get an unknown error occurred

We hab=ve many subdomains in Cloudflare it will make a lot easier if I state Windows DNS to search for does domains in Cloudflare instead of splitting the DNS

When I enter the name server of Cloudflare that when I get error

I would rather have one enter that searches Clouidflair for the record then splitting the DNS and entering all the records for a second time in my DNS server

the screen shoot shows the Cloudflair Name server. By add a screen shot of the many domains I have with Cloudflair makes no sense I might well split the dins

There should be a very simple configure point the forward request to Cloudflare NS and done

Yet its not working

If do not have answer you do not need to reply. I given a screen shoot that what you need to work with…

Anyone else have answer I would much appreciate it

This is a screenshot from Windows logs. Where are the configurations for DNS forwarding?

That is a screen shoot of the dns forwarding

I was expecting something like this:


yes I just that correct I just took a screen shoot of the error not the entire window

What IPs you are using in the IP section?

I am using the name server of Cloudflare newt.ns.cloudflare.com … I also tried zoe.ns.cloudflare.com
]both give the same error

Sorry I am little confuse… So, I can not use Cloudflare NS I have to use the ip for each and every domain I have setup in Cloudflare?

oh… , where do I find the CF name server in Cloudflare?

It would have been good to know/ have this context when you were attempting to add Cloudflare to your root hint servers and I suggested you should be using forwarders in a previous thread. Forwarders are used for specifying a recursive resolver for resolving host names for zones which don’t exist in your internal DNS. Based on your description you have configured your internal nameserver to be authoritative for one or more zones. Forwarders don’t ask external servers for how to resolve a zone the local DNS server is authoritative for, nor is that the purpose of a root hint server. If a DNS server is authoritative for a zone it responds authoritatively… it doesn’t ask anyone else because it is the source of truth for DNS resolution.

The Cloudflare servers which are authoritative for zones on Cloudflare (foo.ns.cloudflare.com and bar.ns.cloudflare.com) are not recursive nameservers. That means that even if you could get what you are trying to do to work you would only be able to resolve zones in your DNS or hosted by Cloudflare. That would … for example prevent your users from resolving google.com.

An appropriate forwarder from Cloudflare would be and as those are public recursive resolvers. However, that still won’t help with resolving hostnames which are related to zones your authoritative internal DNS server claims to be authoritative for but does not have.

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Are you stating the only solution is split the DNS?

The answer here might be Stub Zones in Windows DNS, but doing that correctly would require understanding the architecture of your environment and likely redoing some sub-optimal elements of the current design. That’s really beyond the scope of an online community and verges into the consulting category in terms of scope.

Short answer. Don’t host zones on your internal DNS unless you absolutely have to. The number of scenarios where many Cloudflare hosted zones also need to exist in internal DNS is exceedingly small.

K, thank you for the info

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