DNS and Domain Name entries, edit possible?

As silly as it may sound/look i wasnot able to find an answer to my question while browsing Cloudflare community. The thing which bugs me is an edit in current dns/(domain?) section really possible? So i have website added to account, have dns section filled with domain info and domain NS pointed to assigned Cloudflare NS, thing is i want just to change the name of domain in that section: how it should go? Can i simply edit the domain name to a new one and point new domains NS to already assigned NS of Cloudflare, or i should add a completely new website and make similar dns section settings with only new domain name, and then discontinue(remove) the website section with previous domain name? Thank You.

You should add a new website.

As for the old domain, you will need to keep the DNS records if you want to redirect URLs from old > new.

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