DNS and CNAME settings not working

I am getting errors in the CNAME settings for my custom domain. I have worked through the health checks and addressed the DNSSEC setup, but there is something going on with my root A-Type settings, and the HTTPS forwarding. Can anyone help with this please? I have been trying to launch a site and cannot get it to load correctly.

I am attempting to launch my wife’s coaching site, which is built on kajabi. The domain I have registered with GoDaddy is www.charlenebyars.com. I am wanting to use the custom domain instead of www.charlenebyars.mykajabi.com. I followed the wizard in kajabi to upload the custom domain and spent about 90 minutes online with kajabi tech support to make sure the CNAME entries were correct. This is the result of where we ended up last night:

Here is a wrinkle. Prior to launching with kajabi, I had also been investigating using clickfunnels, and on the free trial, assigned the charlenebyars.com domain to a funnel within my clickfunnels account. When I decided to continue with kajabi, I deleted the domain from the funnel. However, when I enter www.charlenebyars.com into a web browser, this is the result:

These are the Cloudflare DNS settings. I think there may be something wrong with the A Type, but I am not sure.

I think there is a conflict between kajabi, clickfunnels and Cloudflare, but I am not able to figure it out.

Thanks to anyone that can help. Let me know if I should post any other information.

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