DNS and Cloudflare Workers

I recently published a static HTML site on Workers Site.

account_id = "xxx"
name = "my-website"
type = "webpack"
workers_dev = true

bucket = "./dist"
entry-point = "workers-site"

name = "my-website-dev"
route = "dev.mywebsite.com/*"
zone_id = "xxx"
account_id = "xxx"

name = "my-website-prod"
route = "prod.mywebsite.com/*"
zone_id = "xxx"
account_id = "xxx"

The problem is when I deploy “prod” it doesn’t work, it says that could not resolve the DNS. Do I need to do anything on Cloudflare DNS previous of creating the Worker?

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You will need DNS entries for “dev” and “prod”. Otherwise it’s not a valid route.

If it’s just for Workers, and there’s no server associated with it, you can plug in a dummy IP address such as and then make sure it’s set to :orange:.

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