DNS and Cloudflare Resolvers

We have a domain which is managed by another DNS service. We would like to achieve to gain access to manage it from cloudflare.

In contact with them, they ask us to provide our DNS address.

Should we provide them with

The answer i got from them was

“They need to provide the DNS address, we will point the domain name to their DNS address, so that they can log in to their DNS service to do domain name resolution for our authorized domain name.”

Do you know what they mean?

At Domain Registrar, you simply need to update Cloudflare nameservers which you will get after adding your domain to Cloudflare account.

If that isn’t possible, switch to Cloudflare Domain registrar.

Some registrar require IP address against each nameservers. I guess, that is possible here only in Business Plan which allow you set vanity NS like ns1.example.com, ns2.example.com

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